Student Accommodation Fees and Bills

Over the years we have gained feedback from our customers both landlords and tenants as well as having researched our competitors and we came to the conclusion that we should make things as simple as possible because things in life are far to complicated.. So you wont get any crazy jargon from us! Studentcircle Lettings Keeping things SIMPLE...


Here at Studentcircle Lettings, we like to keep things nice and simple without trying to confuse our customers with hidden or crazy fees.

That’s why we keep it nice and simple, we provide all of our students with free key care as well as contents insurance, despite the banning of admin fees this is something that we see as important to still provide our customers we even use one of the best student insurance companies which was originally setup by the NUS.

We don’t just stop there we also provide you with a key fob in case you lose your keys, this is called key care and offers a reward if your keys are lost ( you pay the reward but it’s alot cheaper than having to have new locks and keys)

A list of further Charges that may apply during the tenancy and are listed below, these are not conclusive and we do have more which are compiled as part of the tenancy-

Lost Key

If the Landlord or agent gets called out due to a Lost Key or if you are locked out, both in and out of normal working hours we charge a fee of £48.00 including VAT. Alternatively you can use a locksmith at your own expense.

Amending Tenancy

If you require us to amend details on the tenancy whether a new tenant, replacement tenant, change of details this will incur a charge of £50.00

Weekend Check In

We may charge a fee for weekend check-in, unless your contract starts or ends on a weekend, however we will always give you a chance to check in within our normal operating hours of Monday to Friday 9:00 – 5:00.

Also if we have to meet each tenant of a house of 2 or more, on more than one occasion to hand over keys (£35)

Missed prearranged appointment with Agent - Landlord or tradesman 
If we have arranged an appointment with you and your housemates for either ourselves, landlord or tradesman and no one is in we will at our discretion charge you £30.00 inc VAT for wasted time.

Keeping it nice and simple and transparent.





This year we’ve structured our packages in a clear and concise way, with all the changes that landlords and letting agents have had recently we have changed our business model to ensure it is clear and straight forward using clear and concise language ensuring that no jargon is used and nothing but plain English.

We only have one package and that is fully managed, we have over the years seen the market get more competitive and with the attack on letting agents and landlords we have focusing on providing the same great service with no compromise even with the withdrawal of a number of charges and fees which are now seen as a prohibited payments – If your not aware of the changes of what letting agents and landlords cant charge for anymore and what requirements we are legally obliged to carry out please do check our blog article out.


Whether you have a student or professional let, we are here to keep you happy, so why not come and join our ‘circle’? Although we feel this package will suffice the vast majority of clients’ requirements, we do offer bespoke packages and are always happy to discuss an individual’s specific needs with them directly!

Studentcircle Fully Managed Package Includes Free Rent Assurance & Eviction Cover *
75% Finders Fee & 10% Management

Your property will be marketed through a variety of social media outlets and online portals in addition to our dedicated team overseeing that the right house is matched to the right tenants.

We co-ordinate and perform property viewings for all prospective tenants and once that process is complete we will facilitate the guarantor process (where applicable) in addition to the first months’ rent collection and subsequent deposit registration if instructed*.

We then co-ordinate both move-in and move-out dates of tenants as well as liaising directly with utility companies for the purpose of conferring accurate and up to date meter readings.

In addition to the tenants receiving free contents insurance, both parties will be provided with a free inventory of the respective property compiled with our own custom-built inventory software, this will co-ordinate directly with a full check out inventory at the end of the tenancy.

Here at Studentcircle Lettings we are not like most companies, we believe that if you look after the tenant that the tenant in turn will look after you, a happy tenant is a paying tenant, we endeavor to be as impartial and fair, taking a balanced view and both views, after all both landlord and tenant both normally have different views of whats important and we try and take this into account, it may sound a little cheesy but we believe for a happy transaction everyone needs to be happy in order to complete the Studentcircle.

All our landlords charges are set out in our terms of business for landlords which is signed and then countersigned by ourselves, however please find below some more details of our charges below.

Deposit Registration Fee
Register landlord and tenant details and protect the security deposit with a Government-authorised Scheme
Provide the tenant(s) with the Deposit Certificate and Prescribed Information within 30 days of start of tenancy £48 inc VAT

Arbitration Fee
Charged in the event of a deposit dispute negotiation £80 inc vat

Renewal Fee
Contract negotiation, amending and updating terms and arranging a further tenancy and agreement 50% of the contracted first months rent

Service of notices
Serve Section 8 Notice - £38.70 inc VAT
Serve Section 21 Notice (included with management service) - £38.70 inc VAT
Court attendance - £120 per hour exc VAT
Court attendance (Director) - £180 per hour exc VAT
Interest on unpaid commission 4% above base rate HSBC



Whether you're a landlord or a tenant we have designed our fees to be easily understandable, straight forward with no nonsense.
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We are one of the only letting agents in the Midlands that provide free Endsleigh contents insurance with all tenancies with over £5000 contents insurance including mobile and laptop cover.

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Free Welcome Pack with how to guides for those of you new to living alone, packed full of useful information, recycling information as well as local doctors information.

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We don't lose our keys here at Studentcircle Lettings, Free Keycare with all Tenancies.